Thursday, 18 March 2010

I know, I know, I know,

I try... but somehow eventhough I do not even have a job anymore something always gets in the way of blogging, or being creative for that matter... and other then photo's I just don't have a lot to share at this moment.
Things are still the same out here, we both still are out of work, and for as far as I can see right now it will take some time to change that. I had some wild plans of starting a home business, but don't think it is the right time now. Husband worked in the building industrie, the prognoses for that business are not good for this year yet. And as we both are not twenty anymore finding a good job is tough. Maybe, just maybe I missed my goal in life, I love to cook these last months are filled with diners for good friends. Perhaps I should open up a luchroom?? Or do I prefer a scrapbookstore...
My best friend gave birth to a gorgeous little baby girl at the end of Januari and I got to be there right in the deliveryroom.. one of the most special occasions in my life.
Last week my baby turned 8, can you believe that 8!!! I can still remember me changing her daipers, now she is a little independent lady that loves anything hairy ( with four legs :-)) rides on the back of a big horse, and hardly is home after school anymore (always outside or playing with friends). Well that is it for now, leave you with some layouts I made these past few weeks.
Looking soooooooooo forward to spring....

Thanks for you visit, hope too see you soon!