Saturday, 27 November 2010


I really need to make some pictures of my scrapped items that I made over the last few weeks tomorrow when light is good...

For now I leave you with a soup that is a big hit in our house... Mei-Li is not a vegetable lover, but this soup she loves.

P.S. did you see the recipe links I created in the left sidebar? If you have anymore good links, cooking or scrapbooking related, then please let me know.

Ok, Tomatosoup


- dash of good olive oil
- 1 kg of ripe tomatoes
- 2 large unions
- 4 medium size cloves of garlic
- two table spoons of dried Italian herbs ( or fresh basil, rosemary, thiman etc.)
- two table spoons of sugar
- ground peper to taste
- two and a half cubes of broth ( if you are a vegetarian use vegetable broth) I use chickenstock
- teaspoon of sambal (pepersaus) or more if you like hot
- two table spoons of balsamico vinegar
- 1 liter of tomatojuice
- 1 dc liter of cream

Cut up the unions and garlicgloves.
Heat up the oil and add spices, peper, broth cubes and hot sauce (sambal).
Add unions, garlic, when this colors add sugar.
Add diced tomatoes.
Leave to cook until thickens, this takes about half an hour.
Add two table spoons of balsamico.
Add tomatojuice and heat up.
Add cream, you can also add this on your bowl/plate.

We sometimes add some ground cheese (in the bowl).
Voila! Lots of vitamines in one bowl sshhh, don't tell Mei-Li!

Eet smakelijk, Enjoy!

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D@nielle said...

sounds good ! My boys love soup so I will definately be trying this recipe thx